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Belarusian MiG-29s bound for Serbia

Photo: Serbian MoD


Belarus has formally handed over a batch of MiG-29 fighters to Serbia. Local authorities handed over the four Fulcrums in a ceremony at the 558 Aircraft Repair Plant (558 Авиационный ремонтный завод) at Baranovichi air base, Belarus, yesterday, February 25.

The aircraft have been donated by the Belarusian government, in a move approved by President Aleksandar Lukashenko. Serbia will pay for the cost of a general overhaul, which will take place at the 558 Aircraft Repair Plant. According to a statement from the director of the plant, Pavel Pinigin, the timeframe for the work will range from six months to a year, depending on the scope of modernisation to be carried out. Formal work on the aircraft began on February 22. At the same time as the overhaul, modernisation work will be carried out  in co-operation with the Russian company RSK MiG. This will include modifications to the radar and integration of R-27ER (AA-10 Alamo) and R-77 (AA-12 Adder) air-to-air missiles and precision-guided air-to-ground missiles.

Serbian MoD

The aircraft donated by Belarus are izdeliye 9.13 Fulcrum-Cs with the construction numbers 2960714909, 2960715133, 2960715157 and 2960718708.

Currently the Ratno vazduhoplovstvo i protivvazduhoplovna odbrana (RV i PVO, Serbian Air Force and Air Defence) has ten MiG-29 fighters assigned to the 101. lovačka avijacijska eskadrila (101st Fighter Aviation Squadron) – four inherited from the 16 aircraft aircraft acquired by Yugoslavia in 1987-88 and six from a recent Russian donation: the latter have been flying since 2018. Aleksandar Radić

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