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Rafael unveils Rocks standoff missile

Photo: Rafael


Israeli arms manufacturer has chosen the Aero India trade show in Bengaluru to unveil a new long-range air-to-surface missile, named Rocks.

According to the manufacturer, Rocks is an advanced, extended-standoff-range weapon, intended for use against high-value targets, both stationary and mobile.

The guidance system comprises INS/GPS for midcourse navigation, while terminal homing on to the target is performed using its electro-optical seeker and advanced image processing. As such, it is said to be suitable for use “even in theatres where the enemy employs effective GPS countermeasures”.

The missile can be equipped with either a penetration or blast-fragmentation warhead, to destroy above-ground or well-defended underground targets in heavily surface-to-air-defended areas.

Rocks is designed to be launched at “a very significant standoff range”, outside the range of enemy air defence systems. Exposure of the launch aircraft to threats is also reduced by “a high-velocity trajectory towards the target”.

Said Yuval Miller, executive vice-president and general manager of Rafael Air & C4ISR Systems Division said: “Rocks provides a cutting-edge and cost-effective solution that combines several combat-proven technologies inherited from our latest-generation SPICE system. Rocks effectively answers a growing demand for long range, GPS-independent air-to-ground precision-strike capability.” He added: “Aero India is an excellent opportunity to present this new system, and we can proudly say that as of today, Rafael is well situated in India with a broad industrial base, joint ventures, indigenous companies and a substantial Indian supply chain, as part of our commitment to the Make in India policy.”




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