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Ka-52K undertakes sea trials

Photo: Roster


The Kamov Ka-52K naval attack helicopter has completed a first phase of testing in marine conditions.

Two Ka-52Ks – dedicated maritime versions of the land-based Ka-52 Hokum – were tested from late 2016 until early 2017.

According to Rostec State Corporation, which is responsible for the manufacturer Russian Helicopters, the aircraft used in the trials are now being examined at the Kamov Design Bureau. The design authority will check the airframes and components for wear and tear after the operations in harsh climates.

“Ka-52K helicopters completed the first phase of testing in marine conditions, after which it can be concluded that the machines may be placed on an aircraft cruiser and successfully complete their tasks,” said Vladislav Savelyev, Deputy CEO for Sales at Russian Helicopters.

“The helicopter has unique properties; however, one test in the sea is insufficient for understanding the work of its engines, units, avionics, control and armament systems in maritime climate,” continued Savelyev. “The design bureau will continue its work as part of tests including those on the aircraft cruiser.”

In Russian parlance, an aircraft cruiser describes an aircraft carrier, i.e. the Admiral Kuznetsov. Last year, Ka-52s conducted combat trials over Syria, flying from the carrier in the eastern Mediterranean.

Compared to the land-based Ka-52, the Ka-52K has shorter folding wings which have been redesigned to carry heavy weapons, and a blade-folding mechanism for stowage in the hold. The Ka-52K also incorporates maritime rescue equipment and corrosion-resistant materials. The helicopter has a single-point fuelling system and an upgraded air conditioning system that is integrated with the immersion suits of the two crew members. Other maritime-specific features include a short-range radio navigation system.

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