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Avalon airshow 2013


Norman Long attended the Australian International Airshow at Avalon Airport in Victoria to capture the action for AirForces Monthly and

[img src=5182 align=full]

[img src=5183 align=left][img src=5184 align=right]

[img src=5180 align=full]

[img src=5179 align=left][img src=5181 align=right]

[img src=5178 align=left][img src=5179 align=right]

[img src=5171 align=left][img src=5177 align=right]

[img src=5204 align=full]

[img src=5203 align=left][img src=5202 align=right]

[img src=5200 align=left][img src=5205 align=right]

[img src=5186 align=full]

[img src=5187 align=left][img src=5197 align=right]

[img src=5194 align=full]

[img src=5199 align=left][img src=5196 align=right]

[img src=5172 align=left][img src=5174 align=right]

[img src=5189 align=left][img src=5191 align=right]

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